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H0 scale working displays

With DCC light



Bridge Displays with DCC Lighting Specifications:

Designed for DCC/DC locomotives with 3 driven axles (e.g., 4-6-4 Hudson) up to 4-8-8-4 (e.g., Big Boy).

Display Dimensions:

Length: 560mm
Width: 170mm
Height: 200mm

Weight (including acrylic top): 5kg (2.5kg without acrylic top)

Total Track Length: Approximately 520mm

Important Note: This display is not compatible with locomotives equipped with tender drive wheels.

Lighting functions are only available in DCC mode.

Package Contents:

Hardwood base featuring Walthers powered bridge track
Acrylic top (flat-packed) with assembly screws and hex Allen key
8 roller units
3 different sizes of insert track
Connection cable
Lighting rod


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