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Laser Cutting / Engraving

Laser cutting, engraving 

Laser cutting with a 90-watt Co2 laser. Table size: 600 x 900 mm  (pass through. up to 900mm width)

Materials to cut: paper, hardwood, plywood, MDF, PMMA (acrylic / plexi), POM, non-chlorine rubber, hard foam, leather, fabric up to 10-12 mm thickness, depends on the material, magnetic sheet, polycarbonate sheet, up to 1 mm.

Materials to engrave: all above + steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum,  brass, copper, glass, ceramic, stone, marble, etc.

Some materials can not be cut and/or engraved. Eg.: more than 1 mm thick polycarbonate, soft foam, styrofoam, polypropylene (PP), carbon fiber sheet, any material containing chlorine, such as PVC or, artificial leather, vegan leather, etc.

ABS, can be engraved, but not cut. 



How is the price calculated? It adds up from the following:

  • File handling fee, if you have the file in vector format or .dxf. (Additional technical drawing fee applies with any other formats.)

  • Actual cutting / engraving time per minute.

  • Extra handling fee applies for very fine materials or sophisticated projects

We are happy to assist you to create your technical drawings. Contact us to get a quote!. 

All prices are estimated, the actual costs might differ!

The price of the materials are not included here!

File handling

40 CHF / file

Machine time

Metrial handling

2 CHF / minute

from 5 CHF 

Technical drawings

from 80 CHF 

Samples for cutting engraving

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