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Made of wood: Macassar Ebony

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

I visited an exotic wood shop in Geneva, and what I witnessed was truly astonishing. The vast selection of exotic woods was overwhelming—so much so that I desired every piece, feeling a mix of jealousy and sadness, knowing that acquiring all of them wasn't practical.

I came across leftover, cracked, and bent slices of Macassar ebony in the shop. Despite their initial condition, I bought them. It took some time before inspiration struck, but eventually, I decided to glue these ebony pieces onto black MDF. The combination of dark wood, laminated ebony, and leftover walnut resulted in a unique entrance table that I crafted for myself. Looking back, I realize that even the less appealing walnut pieces contributed to the overall character of the piece.

Choices, choices, choices

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